Mafhoomul Quran Software and application – Alpha Phase launched

Alhamdo Lillah!

We are delighted to inform all the scholars and students of Quran that the Alpha phase of Windows based Mafhoomul Quran (MQ) software is released now.

  1. Click HERE to downloading the MQ software
  2. CLICK HERE if want to launch it online without downloading the software.
  3. CLICK HERE for directly downloading the file (in Zip format)

This phase of software is integrated with Mafhoomul Quran, Exposition of the Holy Quran, Lughatul Quran and is intended for testing and debugging, the upcoming phase would also be unified with Tabweebul Quran and is under the development cycle and hopefully would be released in three month time.

Introduction of MQ software and Read Me files are useful as a starting point for getting a synopsis of the software and its contents. The users will also find the basic details of the software in these files.

MQ software

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6 Responses to Mafhoomul Quran Software and application – Alpha Phase launched

  1. says:

    Very good work,keep it up. Please

  2. Fayyaz Ahmad Khan says:

    چلو شکر ھے کہ علامہ پرویز رح کی کتب تو اچھے اور آسان انداز میں پڑھنے کو ملیں گی.اسطرح شاید کچھ بھٹکی ھوئی روحوں کو سیدھا راستہ مل سکے

  3. Abbas Mian says:

    This is wonderful job done. The team deserves appreciation. Keep it up.

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